The Future of Online Education

January 13, 2017 iTrackglobal No comments exist

Online Education is the talk of the town, at the moment, with great emphasis than the old-school process of taking up a course at an institute and attending classes through actual classrooms. The only way future of the education industry can move forward is by being online, an industry with a potential of $255 billion by the end of 2017.

As per a very dependable Global Survey, nearly 84.79% of people are ready to take up an online certification course to develop themselves. Students are also getting intrigued by online education as there are no barriers of dedicated places and time. It also serves best for working professionals to further enhance their skill and knowledge letting them meet their industry’s demands. Online Education is cost effective too as the interaction between an instructor and participant is a web conferencing tool and no travel & accommodation costs are involved.

The Future of Online EducationHowever, this boom created by the Online Education industry has often been much criticized for its lack of quality and professional training. Most of these online courses do not focus on industry demands and thus a massive gap remains between the actual knowledge acquired and its implementation at a real-life, office work. The question that keeps pondering over our mind before taking up any online course is, whether this investment is worth and help us reach our goal? Time Management is another problem that is faced by students and working professionals. People taking up online courses has to manage their time as required, apart from doing their everyday errands. An online education platform should fulfill, not just the academic criteria but also guide its students, prepare them for a successful career, and help them secure their dream job. Many platforms promise but do not provide the complete end-to-end solutions. All these problems are real but not unsolvable.

How about a college on the cloud that answers all the major problems the education industry has been facing? iTrack is an industry-academia collaborative cloud-based platform that makes students employable and assists Organizations to hire the right talents. iTrack brings in a complete revolution in the field of education not only for students but also for colleges, hiring companies as well as for professionals with its features like iMentor, Resume Analyzer, Courses, Assessments, eLabs, eProjects, Webinars and more. Liked this article, click here to know more.

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