One Of A Kind From Trans Neuron Technologies

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In a world that is being made smaller every day with the help of technological developments and globalization, it is with great pride that Trans Neuron Technologies launches its premium, flagship product, iTrack that will now include power-packed features from one of the giants in the IT industry, Microsoft Corporation.

One of A Kind – Trans Neuron Technologies with Microsoft Corporation

Trans Neuron Technologies has made its name by developing and building one of the first college on cloud platforms, iTrack. To set itself synonymous with the online education industry, iTrack provides all the infrastructure as same as an educational institute does. Just like a University, iTrack offers its users the power to record attendance, create practical labs, extensive range of project works, internships, job opportunities and much more. These help students to work on and develop a rather extensive set of skills that make them job & industry ready when they graduate, as opposed to sticking with a traditional blackboard type learning. iTrack, Every Students’ Personal College on Cloud, is both a convenient and effective learning platform as it empowers the students to learn their courses, practice labs, take assessments, attend online classrooms, work on projects – everything from the comforts of their own space; all they need is a stable internet connection and a smart device. For the institutes, too, it has become inevitable these days to go paperless and make best use of the available technologies. iTrack ensures that its institutes develop highly competitive, job-ready graduates. The better the quality of the students who graduate, the bigger an institute becomes. This can be achieved with a platform like iTrack which is beneficial for the students, professors and the institute itself.

On the up are Trans Neuron Technologies, after having already established successful ties with IBM, now, Microsoft Corporation who needs no introduction. Microsoft Corporation’s software applications, technologies, and their overall contribution to the IT industry is enormous. Whether it is the flagship operating system, Windows, or Office suite, their presence is unparalleled. Thus, by bringing in such a massive player who knows all the ins-and-outs, Trans Neuron Technologies has vowed to transcend the limits of online education with iTrack. Imagine an environment where students can master 400+ Microsoft courses, become a certified Microsoft Professional in MS Office 365, MS Azure, use professional services, to name a few, like Skype for Business, dedicated email domain – while still studying in a college. With this association, it is now possible to avail Microsoft Certified Online Training programs, take up their certification exams, and become a MCP professional all at the same place.

The features are as shown below.


Coupling these aspects along with the features provided by the Microsoft Corporation, this makes iTrack, an all-in-one, ultra-powerful, college-on-cloud platform whose capabilities are enormous in enhancing the performance of the students, and consequently the institutes. And, as far as people at Trans Neuron Technologies are concerned, they are just warming up!

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