Meet iMentor- The New Age of Online Mentoring

October 28, 2016 iTrackglobal No comments exist

When internet was a luxury rather a need, the concept of teaching, sharing, and showcasing your skills and talents was either through dedicated institutions or media, like television channels or radio stations – a few shows or an hour long talk shows broadcasted, every week or bi-monthly. Fast forward to present day, the situation is such that an actual person who, in the real world, no one knows about or unheard of, but, in the digital world, the same person might very well be a skilled and highly talented professional with a massive fan following – courtesy of the blogs, online presence, or strategically developed online gimmicks that helps present his knowledge and skills to the entire world.

Meet iMentor - The New Age of Online Mentoring
In this current scenario, it is practical and convenient to think about learning anything and everything which, not just limited to academics but also other life skills like cooking, music, or art, to name a few, can be mastered with the help of world wide web. It is very advantageous for people of all ages and professions, including full time students, as these trainings can be provided and availed at their own leisure, given they are able to find an appropriate platform. Here lies an obstacle – where to find a platform that offers mentors from a subject or field that is of your interest, how to choose one from a never exhausting list, will the chosen one have the actual experience as he/she claims to have, is it really worth the money? The answer to all these questions would be a platform that can refine this operations of online tutoring and make the mentors seep through to their potential or interested clients.
Having established a name for itself in this very short span of time, iTrack, a college on the cloud, is introducing iMentor, everyone’s personal Mentor. iMentor aims to take the process of mentoring people to new heights that has never been attained before. By the bringing the best mentors from all the industries and categories, it caters to the need of every individual trying to develop themselves in one way or the other. Say, for example, you are full time Software Developer and have a huge affinity for teaching aerobics (in which you are well trained and have a certain minimum years of experience) in your weekends. Go to iTrack, register yourself, update your profile and calendar, choose your convenient schedule; it is as simple as it can get. After completing these steps, you are set up to share your art to the rest of the world through internet – live online sessions. People who like to learn aerobics will look at your profile, experience, and availability, send you a request to conduct a training for them and, boom, you are now an iMentor.
A dedicated team of experts, takes care of the rest, right from making sure to get world class mentors to delivering the sessions seamlessly, and sorting out all technical or practical issues proactively. Team iMentor truly believes this is, indeed, the new age of online mentoring. Now, you think you can be a mentor as well?

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