Learn, Adapt, Repeat – Essentials to Land Your First Job (And Thereafter)

October 21, 2016 iTrackglobal No comments exist

Picture this – the days back when your average self in your college, living the life like there is no tomorrow. First year a bond was formed, second year – it grew to become what we call as friends for life, third flew away like a bird and the fourth year, in most cases, vanished with an oath. The oath to live happily ever after, just like those grad years, which almost all of us, one way or the other, still pursues or at least tries to.

Once we graduate, we are christened and welcomed into a new world of taking responsibilities and commitments. A world where we have to take care of ourselves (!), earn our own money, (more like spend our own money) and be our own man (or woman). This is when it all starts to go south. But what if it does not have to?


The following have been globally seen and accepted to be the essentials that we all need to secure our career and, subsequently, our life.

  1. Learn the technology that interests you or (and) the one that you are just good at

By learning and developing a career in a field of your interest, the job becomes easy. And when your work is easy, your days are easy and you do not need to hide from it; rather actually enjoy doing it.


      2. Adapt to latest developments – Refine and Re-skill yourself with time


What may be hot now may get replaced by a hotter object soon. Thus, it is imperative to keep up with the growing technologies in the field of your interest so that your skill set does not become obsolete.


       3. Repeat the process of Learning and Adapting


Continuous development and doing it at the appropriate period which is the years we spend in the college is the key.


With the technological developments that we have today, it is all possible to Learn, Adapt, & Repeat while also balancing the grad life. Say, for instance, a student who would like to pursue a career in advanced technologies wants to enroll for a training program however prefers to spend time with family and friends as well. Enter online training and training on the go – one such platform that fulfills this demand is iTrack, every students’ personal college on the cloud TM. This might have been preposterous last decade, but now with an extensive range of eLearning courses available on almost all subjects and technologies, it is possible, rather a need than a luxury.


iTrack’s online self-learning and Instructor Led Training courses offer a lot more than just teach; you can also practice labs, assess yourself, do projects, take internships, and more. All these at the comforts of a place you desire, at your own spare time, individually or with your A-Team. It is simple; enroll to a college on cloud, learn and utilize the courses, labs, projects, and internships, adapt to latest developments and repeat even after you land your first job to keep yourself up with the advancing technologies. It’s a win-win situation; so remember people – Learn, Adapt, Repeat!

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