First Job – No More for Freshers, Only Professionals!

October 25, 2017 iTrackglobal No comments exist

The chances are very high for any regular observer/avid follower of online training, online education, college-on-cloud platforms to have heard about iTrack somewhere or the other by now. Ripples created by this innovative and unique yet convenient and efficient platform are unparalleled and unrivaled which offers the students, graduates, institutions, and the hiring organizations an opportunity to transcend the best. This means further interest and getting to know and learn about this platform in detail.

One of the best and most integral part of this college-on-cloud, iTrack, platform is, its Courses. For any online training, the strength lies in the quality of courses they offer to its users and audiences. Mind you, that this should be of very high quality where the industry standards are enormous, especially in our part of the world, which are harder to reach. With globalization and the power of internet, the younger generation is already aware of the do’s and don’ts; they Google, Wikipedia, Quora, Tweet, what not; all culminating to more prevalent learning than what it was a decade ago.

iTrack offers courses in C, C++, Java, Cloud Computing and Software Testing. All these courses come Certified, which help the users highlight their skills while seeking for appropriate career opportunities. With 24×7 availability, students can afford to learn these courses at their preferred place, at their preferred pace. Course materials are provided with all year access, in addition to scheduled Instructor led online classrooms as well. Complementing all these courses are their respective practice labs, assessments, industry relevant, subject oriented multiple project works, internships and opportunities to apply for jobs of their preference.

In addition to courses, iTrack also offers ESDP™ (Employability Skills Development Program™) which is exclusively designed to prepare students for the campus recruitments, placing an emphasis on extra-curricular activities developing their personality and communication skills. ESDP™ bridges the gap between the students and the IT industry’s requirements, addresses relevant concerns of the institutions and hiring organizations while also meeting their demands of picking the best of the best. This makes sure when students get hired for their first job, they are no more freshers; they would be professionals.

With all these features, packaged into one well-developed platform where students, educational institutions, and the hiring companies could all co-exist in a mutually beneficial environment, that is sure to benefit all those involved. An illustration for all these features would be the association of the multi-national IBM and a very recent association of another massive IT giant which, officially, will be announced in the near future. Till then, learn and know about all these and more here.

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