LMS Reinvented: The 5 Dynamic Features

November 7, 2017 iTrackglobal

iTrack 5 features LMS

[spacer height=”20px”]Transmission of knowledge can happen through various mediums and modes, like, from an education (knowledge) provider to the learners via physical and/or online classrooms. Thus, it is the responsibility of the educators (education providers) to offer the most effective and convenient system so that the objectives of the learning process are met.[spacer height=”20px”]

Educators come in all shapes and sizes; it could be an individual, training institute, college, corporate, or a government organization. However, the need to deliver a powerful learning platform gave the opportunity for the development of Learning Management Systems, commonly known as LMS.[spacer height=”20px”] A LMS is a collaborative platform which is used to administrate, document, track, and deliver educational programs via, both, online and physical classrooms. This is the system where knowledge can be transmitted, effectively, and managed, efficiently, in the most powerful and convenient way possible. One such LMS is iTrack – the learning platform which has all the features of a standard LMS and more.[spacer height=”20px”][bctt tweet=”Looking for a world class LMS for your learning & training requirements? Read about the 5 features of iTrack and decide!” via=”no”]

The 5 features which set this LMS stand out are as follows.

  1. eLabs – the Labs Environment

One of the exclusive features of iTrack is its world class programming lab environment – eLabs. eLabs provides the flexibility, for learners, to complete their lab assignments from a place of their convenience; anywhere, anytime. Completely setup on-the-cloud, it can be accessed 24×7 with a smart device and internet connection, both of which are easily accessible. With more than 20 programming languages including the most sought C, C++, Java, iTrack is the one stop platform to develop the coding skills of the learners. Trainers can manage their time better as the need to go to a designated place, either for creating or evaluating a lab assignment, is eliminated.

  1. eProjects – the Projects Environment

As a recent graduate seeking an opportunity to start a career, in a field of their preference, acquiring the theoretical knowledge is just the first step. Projects help the learners to get hands-on experience which makes them job ready by letting them apply their knowledge on real scenarios. iTrack brings this projects environment with its LMS through eProjects. Learners can choose from iTrack’s exclusive repository or start their own project with or without the assistance of a tutor. It also provides an opportunity for the learners to collaborate with one another and work on the same project. eProjects give the learners an opportunity to showcase their talent and skills to potential employers through this comprehensive learning platform.

  1. eAssessments

The success of any training can be determined by the development of the learners which can be evaluated through assessments. With eAssessments, the effectiveness of all the sessions conducted can be evaluated by creating individual assessments as part of the training program. Tutors can set up their own assessments as per their training requirements or choose and assign from a library of assessments with over 100s of subjects including, IT, soft-skills, psychometric, employability, and more. As soon as an assessment is completed by a learner, the tutor gets notified for it to be evaluated. The feedback and evaluation results can also be shared to the learners, individually.

  1. eMentors

To present the users an engaging learning experience and stand above other LMSs, iTrack offers eMentors, on-demand, from a wide range of subjects. Learners can select available mentors from a subject of their preference and request them for single or multiple sessions. Say, a learner is in the process of completing his/her project and requires assistance from an experienced professional. Instead of running around looking for help, learners can select a mentor with eMentors. Comprised of the best of Student, Academic, and Industry professionals as mentors, a learner can select, schedule a session, and get mentored – all through one learning platform.

  1. The iLearning Engine

iLearning Engine – the intelligent learning engine, via its machine learning capabilities, generates measurable data for a competent training delivery. The custom of using analytics to obtain quantifiable performance is on the up, and, its phenomenal rise is well known as evident from the sheer number of industries and businesses which implement this approach. In a LMS, the learners’ progress, usage, attendance, and other such reports are used to evaluate the development of the learners and the effectiveness of the training. With iTrack, powered by IBM Watson Analytics, the Reports generated by this learning platform makes it a powerful tool to measure the performances of the learners, and thereby, the competency of the training. In case, the training offered have scope for development, this can be easily deduced from iTrack’s advanced analytics based reports. [spacer height=”20px”]Along with these above mentioned exclusive features, iTrack offers, to the education and training providers, an unparalleled contingency to deliver the most engaging and effective learning experience for its learners. The below list describes iTrack’s traits which make it’s exceptional training delivery possible.

  1. Machine Learning Enabled

    • Powered by IBM Watson Analytics, iTrack includes Resume Analyzer, Cognitive Counselling.
  2. User Interface

    • Simple, user-friendly UI ensures, the learning platform can be accessed the first time without the help of tutorials.
  3. Easy Setup

    • Setup on-the-cloud, iTrack requires no infrastructure for it to be implemented for any business.
  4. Scalable & Secure

    • The number of users and data can be increased or decreased as per the business requirements, hassle-free.
  5. Support

    • A good support team is the backbone of a LMS, and as such, iTrack’s dedicated support team is always on the toes to sort out any issues ASAP.

Within a brief span of 2 years, iTrack has managed to create a name for itself in the education and training industry by associating itself with prestigious colleges/universities and global tech corporates. All the associated clients are elated by the performance of their respective learners and a huge part of the credits is given to the learning platform, iTrack.[spacer height=”20px”] Ultimately, for any LMS to make its own mark, the capabilities of the system must be expansive. iTrack, with its extended and standard features of a LMS, is the perfect online platform to conduct professional training at all levels. At colleges/universities, traditional classrooms and teaching methods can be replaced with superlative live virtual classrooms for more engaging teaching methods. For corporates who would like to train their workforce and hire industry ready resources, iTrack provides an ideal platform to achieve their set objectives. Deliver high performance training to transform individuals to professionals.