College-on-Cloud is getting bigger, better than ever – expect heavy lashes!

August 16, 2016 iTrackglobal No comments exist

Gone are the days when learning & skill development happened only at designated places like Schools and Universities, not anymore. The idea of learning at the comforts of a place that they desire sounded fantastic for the students. Affordability, flexible timings, extended lab hours and home comforts are the main components of this story.


For today’s smart or the igeneration (internet generation), everything revolves around their smart device, say, check-ins at favorite restaurants or airports, order takeaways, book a cab/tickets/passes, sleep routine (reminds them to sleep at a preset time), fitness regimes and even catch pets (#pokemongo). Such has been the emphasis of technology in this glorious era we live. At the same time, we can see that College-on-Cloud is getting bigger, better than ever.


The rise of audio books, ebooks, elabs, eprojects, online learning and now even ONLINE UNIVERSITIES has helped the young, smartphone wielding generation learn on the go; at their place, at their pace. An educational institute is one which provides the facilities needed for the students to enroll, learn hone their skills. The tutors join in, teach and explain their students the courses which they specialize in. With the use of technology that is available to us and the demand to learn on-the-go, by providing these necessary infrastructures, quality tutors we create a College-on-Cloud. Assignments, lectures (read webinar in case of online learning), batches, schedules, attendances, practice classes – everything can be sorted out without an actual, physical classroom.


“Initially, I had my doubts before enrolling as this was all new to me. However, after signing up for one, it definitely made my learning easy and effective; extensive range of projects and lab hours are brilliantly modelled to fulfill my requirements. Now, I have secured my career with an employment offer from a Multi-National IT giant”, proclaimed one enthusiastic former student, now, an IT professional.


Another student who has recently enrolled himself in one such college said, “the platform is affordable, user-friendly, helps develop one’s industry specific skills and, ultimately the right job for the person”, adding it is a must-have for all soon to be IT graduates and aspirants.


A decade ago, this would have been impossible however with affordable, accessible technology at the hands of everyone, it is now possible to get an educational institute at their home and this is one of the reasons why we say colleges on cloud are getting bigger which opens up another new market to capitalize.


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