APSSDC – An Overview

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It is always welcoming, quite honestly, refreshing as well to see any Government implementing programs to improve the skills of the people of their State. One such initiative started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh is the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation, more commonly as APSSDC. APSSDC’s objective is to address the concerns prevalent in the state in developing the professional skillset of current and upcoming professionals every year, so that the number of people getting employed increases which helps to meet the demands of the industry, thereby, contributing to the growth of the State.


As part of this Government initiative, one recently concluded 10-day event that is particularly of our interest is the Faculty Improvement Program, FIP, conducted in association with IBM Corporation at a private institute at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. This Train-The-Teacher (TTT) program focused on improving and developing the faculties of Universities and Colleges, including Lecturers, Assistant Professors, and Professors, on Advanced Technologies.  The primary agenda of this FIP event was to educate the tutors on Cloud Computing Technologies and its benefits. Faculties of various Institutes all around the State gathered, enthusiastically, to participate in the event and learn about this technology so that they can enlighten their students on the same and help them to secure a successful career. At the event, it was explained how Cloud Computing Technology is creating huge numbers of job opportunities which is expected to continue till next decade. And, thus, by creating an interest among the students to pursue a career in this field, the employability rate of the State will increase to meet the requirements of the industry. One of the best possible ways to reach these potential technologists would be through the Faculties and that was successfully achieved at this Faculty Improvement Program. All the advantages and benefits of the Cloud Computing Technology were demonstrated to the visiting tutors followed by general discussions and question and answer sessions.

APSSDC’s IBM Cloud Computing Faculty Improvement Program is powered by a cloud based platform, iTrack which has been developed by Trans Neuron Technologies. iTrack is an online platform offering its users and associates the power of operating a college on the cloud. It provides the same facilities as any college would with an exception being that all these are offered on a Cloud Technology. Colleges that run using iTrack can let their students learn through this cloud based platform, attend online classrooms, practice labs, take assessments, work on projects – everything from the comforts of their own space; all they need is a stable internet connection and a smart device. For today’s students’ this online version of a college will, indeed, be much more attractive and effective to get their careers started with. And as far as the industry is concerned, iTrack helps colleges to rise the standard of their education and infrastructure offered, thereby, the quality of the Students graduating, while reducing the costs and resources spent by the Hiring Corporates in training these fresh graduates. Loved this post and want to know more about iTrack? Visit iTrack.



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