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7 Impeccable Features of Top Colleges

Everyone likes to develop themselves, whether it’s their professional or personal life, growth is desired by all. A wise man once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”. As educational institutes including private training institutes, colleges, and universities, it is their responsibility to present the students all the infrastructure that they may need for their growth. Ultimately, the students’ growth rate is, de facto, the growth rate of the colleges too; stronger together. Read On


18 Blogs To Help You Choose The Best LMS

Cloud based, online learning solutions have become the new standards for delivering trainings. The rise of Learning Management Systems, LMSs, which are being widely used to conduct engaging and effective trainings, is due to the fact that they provide quantifiable results. The trend of using these learning solutions is evident from the number of LMSs that are available for the businesses.

So, how to decide whether your business needs one? Continue Reading..


Top 8 qualities of a great Learning Management system

Globally, there are over 500 Learning Management Systems. With that many numbers of players in the market, we are clearly spoilt for choices.The LMS market size is expected to grow from USD 5.22 Billion in 2016 to USD 15.72 Billion by 2021. Choosing an LMS can be a daunting task for any company. There is a great deal of time and money involved in the decision-making process.

The last thing you would want is to end up with an LMS which is not being well-received by your end user. Continue Reading..


LMS Reinvented: 5 Dynamic Features of iTrack

Transmission of knowledge can happen through various mediums and modes, like, from an education (knowledge) provider to the learners via physical and/or online classrooms. Thus, it is the responsibility of the educators (education providers) to offer the most effective and convenient (Read More..)


College-on-Cloud is getting bigger, better than ever – expect heavy lashes!

Gone are the days when learning & skill development happened only at designated places like Schools and Universities, not anymore. The idea of learning at the comforts of a place that they desire sounded fantastic for the students. Affordability, flexible timings, extended lab hours and home comforts are the main components of this story. For today’s smart or the igeneration (internet generation), everything revolves around their smart device (Read More..)


Learn, Adapt, Repeat – Essentials to Land Your First Job (And Thereafter)

Picturize this – imagine the days back when your average self in your college, living the life like there is no tomorrow. First year a bond was formed, second year – it grew to become what we call as friends for life, third flew away like a bird and the fourth year, in most cases, vanished with an oath. The oath to live happily ever after, just like those grad years, which almost all of us, one way or the other, still pursues or at least tries to. Continue


Meet iMentor- The New Age of Online Mentoring

When internet was a luxury rather a need, the concept of teaching, sharing, and showcasing your skills and talents was either through dedicated institutions or media, like television channels or radio stations – a few shows or an hour long talk shows broadcasted, every week or bi-monthly. Fast forward to present day, the situation is such that an actual person who, in the real world, no one knows about or unheard of, but, in the digital world (Continue..)


One Of A Kind From Trans Neuron Technologies

In a world that is being made smaller every day with the help of technological developments and globalization, it is with great pride that Trans Neuron Technologies launches its premium, flagship product, iTrack that will now include power-packed features from one of the giants in the IT industry, Microsoft Corporation. Trans Neuron Technologies has made its name by developing and building one of the first college on cloud platforms, iTrack. (Read More..)


APSSDC – An Overview

It is always welcoming, quite honestly, refreshing as well to see any Government implementing programs to improve the skills of the people of their State. One such initiative started by the Government of Andhra Pradesh is the Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation, more commonly as APSSDC. APSSDC’s objective is to address the concerns prevalent in the state in developing the professional skillset of current and upcoming professionals every year, so that (Read More..)


The Future of Online Education

Online Education is the talk of the town, at the moment, with great emphasis than the old-school process of taking up a course at an institute and attending classes through actual classrooms. (Read More..)


The top 3 things a college must do to attract the right set of talent.

With a plethora of options for the students to choose from, students have become very demanding. They are extremely well informed, spoilt for choice and (Read More..)